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How do you grow your market context skills?

Written by Alistair Gordon And Dominic Johnson 17 Sep 2021

Getting a good understanding of the organisational strategy is key to navigating your organisation successfully and to understanding what it’s trying to achieve.

Here are some critical questions you can ask yourself:

  • Have I properly read, thought about, and understood the current organisational strategy?

  • Have I reached out and connected with the people involved in shaping the strategy, i.e., the strategy team? Do I understand why this is the strategy, including which alternative options were rejected and why?

  • Have I reached out to my manager to ask for their thoughts, interpretation, and advice on aligning our activities with the organisational strategy?

  • Have I considered and understood the market context factors that have contributed to the organisation choosing this strategic path?

  • Can I familiarise myself with the organisation’s underlying analysis of the market, which likely means getting my hands on the customer data, competitor analysis, and other data sources that informed the organisation’s strategy?

  • Do I feel committed to helping execute the strategy?

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