Professional Development for SMEs: Getting Started
Written by Kirsty Allen 10 Jul 2022

With nearly 2000 technical subject matter experts as alumni of our professional development programs and initiatives worldwide, we’ve plenty of experience of the challenges experts face, and how either via self-paced initiatives or more formal programs, SMEs can accelerate their careers, be more influential, and have more impact in their organizations.

Please note our mission is to help technical experts everywhere – whether in IT, risk, finance, engineering, health, science, HR, law, of any other specialist knowledge domain – to be the best experts they can possibly be. While we are a commercial organization, almost everything we offer on this website is our IP for free, or in the case of the publications, a great deal of IP for very little individual cost to an expert. We are happy to share.

The frequently asked questions are listed below, together with the resources we’ve made available to you for free.

The first set of questions are about professional development for subject matter experts, which we call Expertship.

The second set of questions are about how to get started – either on your own, or with a provider like Expertunity (we are proudly the world leaders in this type of professional development).

About Expertship

Do technical subject matter experts who are already very technically proficient need to work on their Expertship?

There are resources on this website that answer this question. What are enterprise skills, and why are they important for technical experts? is a regularly referenced page.

How do I get started quickly and inexpensively?

Our publications, and this website, are a simple and inexpensive place to start.

Our The Master Expert Blog is free and contains a range of articles, updated monthly.

We believe the best professional development guide for subject matter experts is the world is The Expertship Growth Guide , available at Amazon.

And the ultimate manual for technical experts to become a top expert is Master Expert: The ultimate guide for subject matter experts having more influence and impact published in 2021. Buy Master Expert.

How do I know what skills I need most to develop?

You do this by assessing your skills against a capability model for subject matter experts. The one we use, which we developed, is called the The Expertship Model.

This describes the nine capabilities of all technical subject matter experts. It explains the key behaviors for experts that contribute to their professional and career success.

Most importantly, this Models helps experts understand the different levels of Expertship – specialist, expert, and master expert, and how to grow from one level to the next.

You can do a simple free self assessment using this methodology. Use this free Personal Growth Plan template to document the areas in which you want to grow your mastery.

Or you can apply to undertake a specialized 360-degree survey, The Expertship 360, which helps you gather your own assessments of your current capability, and invites a range of your stakeholders to also comment.

Do you offer Public Courses?

Yes, we also offer public virtual courses, which commence at the beginning of each month. These are currently available in 7 countries, for which experts can enroll by themselves or with a small number of colleagues.

Why do experts get benefit from Expertship-specific programs?

You can explore the answer to this question in experts own words What experts love about Expertship. We have worked with very many experts on our programs, and their feedback is consistently positive.

You can get an idea of how technical experts really get results from this program by reading their own comments - Subject matter experts review our programs: “Life-changing”.

These programs are available in all English-speaking countries around the world, delivered virtually. Participants actually like the virtual and episodic nature of the delivery of this program. In selected countries we can deliver face to face.

Get a Briefing. The best way to understand these options is to contact us to arrange a 15 -minute briefing call. We have consultants working around the worlds who can deliver this briefing in your time zone.

It is no obligation, we provide information and insight, and then it is up to you to chose whether the programs, and we as an organization, are a good fit for your needs. No hard sales calls here.

Or you can download a prospectus via the form below.

How about if I just want one expert coached by an Expertship coach?

No problem. We offer this service worldwide. Contact us. This service is available in various forms.

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