Investing in your career as an SME

Written by Kirsty Allen 25 Jul 2022

Expertunity offers a variety of paid options to accelerate your career as a subject matter expert. Get greater fulfillment from your role, make the difference you know you can, and have greater influence and impact. Our Expertship programs and assessments enable top technical experts to go to level up.

You have two choices:

  • Invest in your own career with your own money. Talk to us about our payment plans.

  • Get your organization to pay for the programs. Most employers are willing to invest in their best technical subject matter experts (SMEs).

We strongly recommend the latter. Check out our How to convince your manager to invest in your growth primer. Or arrange a conversation with one of our consultants - Contact Us.


You’ll find Expertunity is one of the most credible global learning organizations when it comes to growing the capabilities and careers of SMEs.

  • Our client list includes many large private and public organizations in most areas of the English speaking world.

  • We have world-first publications that experts around the world use as a reference for career advancement.

  • We now have hosted more than 2000 experts from 12 countries on our programs.

  • Our participants and their managers regularly rate our programs as “world class” via a very high net promoter score.

For a general introduction to the concept of Expertship, read our Professional Development for SMEs: Getting Started.


Please note our mission is to help technical experts everywhere – whether in IT, risk, finance, engineering, health, science, HR, law, of any other specialist knowledge domain – to be the best experts they can possibly be.

  • Mastering Expertship Program

Mastering Expertship is our premier program, rather like a mini-MBA for SMEs, aimed at individual technical contributors who want to go to the next level.

The Mastering Expertship Curriculum covers a wide range of topics that are critical for experts to master to get to the next level.

The program itself - Mastering Expertship Program - is widely revered by those who have attended it - Subject matter experts review our programs: “Life-changing”.

Although a significant investment for an individual, most organizations in our experience are very willing to invest this amount in helping their really good technical experts go to great. For more information, Contact Us.

You might also be interested in what experts have to say about their Mastering Expertship Program experience - in these Six Expertship case studies.

  • How expert are you? Find out with this assessment.

Available as a standalone learning activity is the worlds mots comprehensive assessment for SMEs - The Expertship 360. You can read about how useful experts who have undertaken this assessment have found it - Experts on their Expertship360 experience.

This assessment, completed by yourself, your manager, and a range of colleagues and stakeholders, enables you to understand how you are being experienced as an expert. It will identify what you are already awesome at, and also areas where you have an opportunity for growth.

This assessment is a inexpensive way to assess your current level of Expertship. You will have the survey debriefed by an accredited Expertship coach from Expertunity.

  • Executive coaching for SMEs

Attending a program might be difficult for you to arrange or to take out time to engage with. In this situation many experts turn to specialist executive coaching.

Our service - Coaching for Experts: What is it and why is it needed? - ensures you get a coach who understands Expertship, understands experts, and add the maximum value to you in a short period of time.

  • Publications

We believe the best professional development guide for subject matter experts is the world is The Expertship Growth Guide , available at Amazon.

And the ultimate manual for technical experts to become a top expert is Master Expert: The ultimate guide for subject matter experts having more influence and impact published in 2021. Buy Master Expert.


Get a Briefing. The best way to understand these options is to contact us to arrange a 15 -minute briefing call. We have consultants working around the worlds who can deliver this briefing in your time zone.

It is no obligation, we provide information and insight, and then it is up to you to chose whether the programs, and we as an organization, are a good fit for your needs. No hard sales calls here.

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