Mastering Expertship Pods Topics

Written by Alistair Gordon, 09 Jun 2020

The Mastering Expertship Pods program has a curriculum of eleven topics. The first four listed below are mandatory - every pod covers these four topics. Participants then elect which other four out of seven topics they wish to cover. The Topics are as follows - click on the links for a topic description in detail:

  1. Introduction to Expertship (Mandatory)

  2. Market Context & Strategic Alignment (Mandatory)

  3. Building Others’ Expertise and Self-Reliance (Mandatory)

  4. Stakeholder Engagement (Mandatory)

  5. Advanced Stakeholder Engagement

  6. Advanced Collaboration

  7. Solutioning

  8. Innovation-and-Change

  9. Prioritization for Experts

  10. Personal Impact

  11. Expert Knowledge Strategy

Participants often use the results of their Expertship 360 to help inform their nomination of elective topics.