Mastering Expertship Curriculum
Summary: Mastering Expertship Pods has a curriculum of eleven topics. They have been carefully chosen to bring the Expertship Model to life for participants. They have been designed by experts for experts.
Written by Alistair Gordon 11 May 2022

The Mastering Expertship Pods program has a curriculum of eleven topics. The topics are as follows - click on the links for a topic description in detail:

  1. Introduction to Expertship

  2. Market Context & Strategic Alignment

  3. Personal Impact

  4. Stakeholder Engagement

  5. Prioritization for Experts

  6. The Expert as Coach

  7. The Art of Influencing

  8. The Expert Art of Solutioning

  9. Motivating Stakeholders

  10. The Expert as Innovator

  11. Expert Knowledge Strategy

Participants often use the results of their Expertship 360 to help inform their nomination of key areas to focus on, where there is an opportunity to increase their Expertship impact.

Download this primer on the Expertship Model, a guide to building the capability of master experts