The Expertship Growth Guide
Summary: 102 ideas for experts to grow their influence, value-add, recognition, remuneration and effectiveness.
Written by Grant Heinrich 08 Jun 2020

Image credit: Expertunity

How experts grow their expertise

Introducing the world’s first development planning guide designed specifically for experts. Containing advice about how to go about growing capability as an expert – building enterprise skills as well as technical skills – this gem of a book provides 102 ideas for experts to grow their influence, value-add, recognition, and remuneration.

The Expertship Growth Guide provides:

  • A detailed analysis of how the highest performing experts excel

  • Guidelines on how to emulate their success

  • Advice on how to create growth plans that actually get executed

  • 102 examples of growth initiatives to help experts make more of an impact at work.

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Five reasons why this is a must have for experts

  • Contains a detailed description of how to achieve Master Expert status (the highest level of expertship) in the Expertship Model

  • Provides detailed and practical advice on how to self-improve

  • Gets experts thinking about the additional capabilities they need to develop on tip of their technical skills, and provides practical guide on how to acquires these capabilities

  • Helps experts extend their influence and impact

  • Generates reputational and remuneration acceleration

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