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How do you grow your change supporter skills? - Part 2

Written by Alistair Gordon And Dominic Johnson 04 Aug 2021

Do you resist or embrace change? The way you deal with change is based on your personality and past experiences, but it is not set in stone. Building your capability to assess change initiatives on their merits is a critical Master Expert skill.

Some questions you can ask yourself to assess your capability to embrace change and ways to improve are:

  • What is my change history? In the past, what has been my typical first impression on the numerous occasions when change has been imposed on me? What does this tell me about my default settings?

  • Why are my default settings as they are? Is it the result of my personality, or is it the result of the experiences I’ve had with change?

  • What would be a useful set of questions that I can ask neutrally about any change initiative? How do I explore the rationale behind the change?

  • Is doing nothing an option instead of the change being proposed? If not, and I feel resistance, what would I do instead?

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