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How do you build a stakeholder map?

Written by Alistair Gordon And Dominic Johnson 13 Sep 2021

This exercise is at the heart of what mastering Expertship is about. If you want to maximize the value creation you are capable of and reach your potential, you need to plan for it.

The process of building a stakeholder map has five steps:

  • First Identification: adding all your stakeholders to the map.

  • Prioritising (identifying the most vital relationships): those that are the most important to your success as an Expert.

  • Understanding: identifying which relationships might need to be optimised and where the possible misalignments might be (needs, interests, expectations, agendas).

  • Future-proofing: identifying stakeholders who aren’t on your map but you’re going to need in the future.

  • Building and implementing engagement strategies: identifying actions that will help you optimise the leverage and value you get from our stakeholders (and they get from you).

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