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How do you grow your stakeholder engagement skills?

Written by Alistair Gordon And Dominic Johnson 10 Sep 2021

Identify your most important stakeholders and focus on the work that matters most to them.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Have I conducted a thorough analysis of who my most important stakeholders are? Or who they should be?

  • Have I spent enough time with those stakeholders to understand what value they would like from me? Have we had a big-picture conversation and not just a current-work-in-progress discussion?

  • How would I measure whether I am adding value to the right stakeholders for the right reasons at the right time?

  • To what extent do I have a clear sense of purpose and mission in my role? To what extent am I fluent in articulating my clear purpose, particularly in moments when I need to demonstrate integrity around prioritising work?

  • Am I spending enough time thinking about where I spend my time, as well as on whom and what I spend it and why? As priorities change, do I adapt quickly enough and communicate these changes broadly enough?

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