What's the best way to prioritise stakeholders? Download a free guide and templates
Summary: What would it mean for you if stakeholders were fully engaged with your projects and ideas? Here's a free download of chapter 12 of How to be a Master Expert - a strategy for prioritising and engaging your stakeholder network.
Written by Grant Heinrich 14 May 2021

Image credit: Fox on Pexels

Here’s a guide to prioritising, approaching and collaborating with stakeholders - including those you’ve not quite known how to approach.

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It’s taken from Chapter 12 of our upcoming book, How to be a Master Expert, and it’s a five step plan to:

  • Identify your entire stakeholder map, including “out of sight, out of mind” relationships you might not have otherwise included.

  • Prioritise the most important stakeholders, and de-prioritise the “loud but unimportant”.

  • Check the health of high-priority relationships.

  • Create a strategy to improve critical but difficult relationships.

  • And finally, establish an operating rhythm to ensure high-value relationships remain in focus.

Stakeholders can be tricky - after all, one way to describe them is “anyone who can ruin your day”. But approached collaboratively, if you’re actually listening, stakeholders can be a significant asset.

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