Why SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) should attend an expertship program: in the words of graduates
Summary: How would graduates of the Mastering Expertship program describe the program to prospective participants?
Written by Alistair Gordon 07 May 2024


How would you describe the Mastering Expertship program to prospective participants?

Here is what they said.

  • The program equips trusted technical experts for roles as key strategic advisors.

  • The program is fun, engaging and helpful to progressing in both your career and private life.

  • Anyone who is looking to learn and grow to senior level where your expertise and relationship skills would count the most, this is a course to look for.

  • A great course for people who need help coming out of their “shell” or “box” in their career to get a new perspective on ways they can continue to grow their experience and skills within their role.

  • An intense study of how to round out your skills as a technical expert so that you can have more impact and influence in the organisation. The course draws heavily on latest scientific research.

  • This program will help you to expand how you fit within the organisation and how you can best leverage your ideas through influence.

  • A professional development program for technical experts and leaders to drive enterprise-wide outcomes.

  • This program is an opportunity to learn techniques to better improve ones’ personal image and work professionally as an expert within your organisation.

  • Free from junk pseudoscience, the course is pragmatic and practical. It doesn’t teach you what to do, it teaches you how to think, and how to engage, and how to understand and positively influence.

  • This course will give you the tools to lead, influence and improve job satisfaction even if you aren’t interested in managing a large team.

  • A guided toolkit that helps experts navigate all the joys and challenges of working with people.

  • You have nothing to lose and potentially lots to gain from the program.

  • From the cover of the Master Expert book: A program designed to put you on the path “to achieve peak performance, seniority and influence in a technical role”.

  • The program would be best described as “helping experts to master their organisations”.

  • It’s a good mix of how to maximise your impact as a subject matter expert and build influencing and leadership skills.

  • The program to do if you want to truly develop technical leaders within your organisation.

  • Valuable opportunity to network, learn strategic tactics, and engage in reflection, with useful resources and support to advance your career.

  • It is a program that gives you tools to succeed in all areas of your career and indeed your life.

  • A journey which gives as much as you are willing to take. It can be a steep learning curve, but a worthy one!

  • Grand chance to see for yourself that you’re not alone in feeling under-appreciated, and a safe environment to explore what you can do for yourself to change that situation.

All these quotes are from experts who have graduated from the program in the last 12 months. They come from very many knowledge domains and from participants based in 9 countries including the US, UK, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, and Australia.

For more detailed feedback from participants, please contact us.

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