We've finished our big manual on Expertship (and it only took three years!)

Written by Alistair Gordon And Dominic Johnson 21 Mar 2021

Three years ago, we - Dominic Johnson and Alistair Gordon - started writing a new book. Simple, we said. It’ll take a year at most. Out in 2018 latest!

Optimism. Such optimism.

But the original idea was good. Based on all the coaching we’ve done of subject matter experts, which must be tens of thousands of hours now, we wanted to write a definitive guide to “everything you need to know to be a master expert”.

It was the “everything” that took three years, and 600+ pages and 180,000 words. But no-one can say we haven’t made a good fist of covering it all: personal impact, stakeholders, influence, understanding risk and reward, commercial acumen, competitors, pitching, managing up, self-awareness, “the madness of meetings” - you name it, we’ve written a chapter on it.

We were also very specific about how we wanted the book to feel. This will sound odd for a business book, but we’ve tried not to point the finger or say “you MUST do this”. We wanted to write a guidebook to pick up when you’re short of ideas and want inspiration, which isn’t going to hector you about how to behave.

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