WEBINAR: How to identify and nurture high potential technical experts
Summary: In the face of hugely increased competition, how do you hire and develop the technical expertise needed to make better decisions in an increasingly complex global business environment? Join our webinar Weds 8 Dec 8AM Sydney time to find out.
Presented by Grant Heinrich 08 Dec 2021
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What does a high-potential leader look like? That’s a question that most organisations can answer in detail.

But what does a “high potential” software developer, actuary, medical researcher or other highly complex role look like? That’s a question few organisations answer well. The signals that suggest high potential in experts often run counter to what organisations understand to indicate high potential.

Our organisation Expertunity specialises in improving the performance of technical experts and experts teams. In this webinar, we’ll discuss what we’ve learned working with thousands of experts in companies like Aon, Oracle, the ABC, Treasury New Zealand and others. We’ll answer questions like:

  • How do I understand which members of my existing technical teams will benefit from a high-potential program?

  • If an expert on my team is “acting out”, is that a marker of potential that is not yet understood?

  • What changes to talent processes will be need to make to ensure we capture high potential experts before they leave?

Organisations that get expert HiPo programs right will save themselves:

  • The pain of having to replace HiPo experts who leave

  • Poorly performing innovation initiatives because experts with the right potential are not properly selected or developed to succeed

  • Thousands of dollars and time in recruitment costs that could have been avoided.

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The war for talent: how to identify and nurture high potential technical experts

Weds 8 Dec
8AM Sydney time / 10AM New Zealand / 1PM PST West Coast US

Presented by Alistair Gordon, co-author of Master Expert: How to achieve peak performance, seniority and influence in a technical role

This webinar is suitable for:

  • Executives who lead technical departments

  • Leaders who directly lead expert teams of software developers, actuaries, engineers, scientists, and other complex roles.

  • OD and HR teams who want to understand better ways to coax performance from technical teams.

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