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Written by Alistair Gordon And Dominic Johnson 10 Aug 2021

“[I want to] improve myself as a Technical IT Manager”

“I want to get better at building a coalition of support for my ideas”

“I’d like help getting more aligned with more with the business.”

“[As a technical mentor], it’s helpful to have a good ‘bag of tricks’”

If you want to try a difficult but life-affirming challenge, I recommend writing a book. The reaction from buyers makes all the effort worthwhile.

On its surface, Master Expert is a book that shows technical specialists like economists, scientists, developers, engineers how learn business skills. But for co-author Dominic Johnson and I, the bigger issue isn’t development, it’s fulfilment.

A lot of technical experts aren’t fulfilled in their careers. They can’t pass a certain level of seniority because they’ve not been coached in the skills needed to succeed at more senior level.

Could we provide a way to learn those skills? That’s drove us forward through three years of writing.

Tomorrow is the last day of our Kickstarter to draw attention to the need for expert coaching.

Please consider supporting the campaign, by buying a copy for yourself, or buying copies for your technical team. (It’s also on Amazon if you prefer to order there.)

And please, tell us how you’re using the book!

If you’d like to read a chapter beforehand, here’s a link to download Chapter 4: Exploring your personal brand.

Download Chapter, 4, "Exploring Your Own Personal Brand"