Get familiar with organizational strategy
Summary: To position a technical specialist role as vital to core business, you need to understand how your work aligns with your organization’s strategy. How do you do it?
Written by Alistair Gordon And Dominic Johnson 27 Jun 2021

Technical experts are great at knowing their own value and function. But to position your role as vital to core business, rather than a cost, you need to understand how your work aligns with your organization’s strategy.

What does this actually mean?

  • Make sure you’ve read and understood the current organizational strategy.

  • Can you reach out and connect with those who shaped the strategy?

  • Ask your manager/s for their take: how should you align your and your team’s activities?

  • Think about market factors that contributed to the strategy.

  • If possible, familiarize yourself with any strategic market analysis. This could mean viewing customer data, competitor analysis, and other data sources that informed the organization’s strategy. The strategy team is usually willing to share this information if you make a case for it.

  • Ask yourself: do you feel committed to helping execute the strategy? Do you think it’s the right strategy? If not, why not? Have you diplomatically challenged those who shaped it with alternative views?

  • Practice articulating the strategy, its underlying rationale, and the connection between it and what you do as an expert.

As an expert it’s demonstrate to the organisation that your work provides critical services and adds value. Make the connection visible between your daily activities and the organization’s highest priorities.

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