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Summary: We are always interested in hosting content that appeals to subject matter experts. Please contact us after reading these editorial guidelines.
Written by Dominic Johnson 10 Jul 2022

Why we want contributions

This blog is designed to be the maximum value to technical subject matter experts who want to level-up. That means we share a lot of our own material on this blog, but we very much welcome contributions from others. We certainly don’t have all of the answers.

We welcome contributions from other consultants, and of course, subject matter experts themselves.

What sort of contributions does The Master Expert Blog want?

Contributions will be published if they adhere to the following editorial rules:

  • Directly relevant to a subject matter experts being able to grow their capability and impact. It has to be advice or news experts can use.

  • Well written, easy to understand, and the first paragraph clearly states why a subject matter expert should bother to read the article.

  • While we are happy for third parties to promote their offerings to subject matter experts at the end of the article, the article fundamentally must be offering real advice for real subject matter experts. We encourage an “about the author” paragraph at the end of the article.

Contact Us to discuss your editorial ideas.

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