Advanced Stakeholder engagement: a free masterclass for tech and data science teams

Written by Grant Heinrich, 09 Jul 2020

Free masterclass opportunity for tech, IT and data science teams

In this virtual but highly interactive two-hour session, you will learn:

  • The practice and value of advanced stakeholder mapping;

  • How to conduct an effective stakeholder health check, and why undertaking them is so important to the value you bring to the organisation, and your work priorities;

  • How to future-proof your business relationships, ensuring that you have the network you need for today and tomorrow’s career progression.

The workshop will be conducted by expertship Master Facilitator Alistair Gordon. It comes, as all of our programs, do with a workbook for future reference, access to our participant portal, and tools and models for you to use going forward.

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This event has closed. Let me know when it runs again